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What Will You Swallow To Get A Listing?

Just got back from a listing appointment where the Persian seller had just arrived back from Iran. She’s elderly and very sweet.  We had a very good meeting about listing her condo and then she started telling me how China is conspiring to take over the world.  Eh, um, OK.  And then she made me swallow some spice mixture that is good for your digestion.  She literally shoved it in my face.  It looked like powdered coal.  I’m like, WTH!

Of course I swallowed it. 

What I won’t do for a listing. 

Something that I do love doing though is calling old expireds.  It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.  I have four listings coming on the market and 2 of them were old expireds. 

It takes hardly any time and no money to call them and say, “Hey Sally, just checking in to see if your plans have changed in putting your house back on the market?” 

They either say yes or no. 

There is this urban myth that expired calling is hard and is met with a bunch of A-hole sellers yelling and swearing at you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

At the worst, they hang up on you.  So what?  At the best, they are civil and keep you posted on their plans.  I have stayed in touch with some expired sellers for 2-3 years.  They are kind and ask me to stay in touch.   So I call them once a year and check in.  It’s easier than a hot knife through butter.

So consider old expireds.  Call them.  Some people won’t do it because it’s just too crazy to bother them.

If I can swallow some Persian spice mixture to get a listing, you can call expireds.

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