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Will Your Clients Respect You In The Morning?

Just had an amazing weekend entertaining a friend from Australia. She loves San Francisco and we had some great conversations. She’s a nurse in Brisbane and we had a great talk about respecting your patients.

And then I received a call from a listing agent in Denver about what an ass*&le his clients are being over a house they bought with a lot of problems.

We have all had clients that thought they were wronged and act out. Of course, we should never take any verbal abuse from our clients, but we should always respect them and try to empathize with them.

You never know what’s going on in their personal life and all the problems they are dealing with.

I find when you really try to empathize, and really listen to them, they usually calm down and act a little more rationale. Especially when they really think you are hearing them and are on their side.

Help them with their problem. Make yourself invaluable to them. And in six months time, they will have forgotten all about the issue and you’ll coming out smelling like a rose.

Do this and you’ll have a client for life.

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