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Work With Buyers Or Don’t Work With Buyers?

I had a super crazy open house this past Sunday.  Yes, me, the listing agent focused crazy person did an open house.  And you all know how much I hate doing open houses, right?  I am just not that good at them and don’t enjoy them, which is why I always find someone else to do them for me.

But this time, my open house gal canceled last minute.  And I had fun!

Our new listing in San Francisco is very well priced and cute.  So we had about 45 parties through.  It was crazy the whole time.

And me, Mr. Listing Agent, picked up 2, maybe 3 sets of buyers.  And if I don’t like open houses, you know how I feel about buyers.

I concentrate on working with sellers and some of you think I don’t want buyers in my business.

We should ALL work with buyers!  There, I said it!

I just think it’s best to have someone else on your team work with them so you can spend all your time finding and working with sellers.

If you are solo, it wouldn’t be hard to refer buyers to another agent for a large referral fee.

Having another agent spend all their time getting buyers into contract frees you up to spend time prospecting and building your listing inventory. 

I will, of course, spend time with buyers who are high profile or those who looking for more expensive homes.  But otherwise, I have my buyer’s agent work with them under my supervision.

This gives me more time to work the sellers, which in the long run, you know will be your best bet for your business.

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