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You Are Missing Out On Listings if You’re Not Doing This

Had a great conversation with a top Epic listing agent about the super cool marketing they are doing.  They are really killing it with FB ads, probate attorneys, being on board of directors in their community and other things.  And I asked a basic question about their efforts.

Are you calling your SOI?

They said they were afraid to.


Many listing agents will knock on 100 doors or call 100 people for listings but won’t call the people that know them and love them.  WTF?

I don’t understand why. 

A lot of agents, myself included, get more than 80% of their business from their SOI.

If you aren’t calling your SOI, do you realize how many deals you’re leaving on the table?

I have said this before, calling your SOI, mailing your SOI, emailing you SOI, taking them to lunch, dinner, drinks, coffee, etc, should be the foundation of any prospecting plan to get listings.

And if you’re not doing this?  Start small.  Call 3 a day for 21 days.  That will start the habit.

Introduce yourself (again) if they don’t remember you. If you want to know what to say that isn’t douchey, email me at [email protected]

This is so important to do to get more listings.

If you’re not doing this, then you should give up your listing agent card.

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