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You Be Crazy If You’re Not Asking These Peeps for Listings

Just had dinner last night with clients that will be selling a $3 million dollar house later this year.  And do you believe I actually made the dinner?  Ha!  My secret?  Even though I don’t drink, I make them cocktails so that they hardly remember the food!  I’m a sneaky bastard, no?

And what I do remember fondly is receiving a great lead yesterday from one of my favorite sources.

Probate attorneys.

I like calling and developing relationships with probate attorneys because they are dealing with probates all the time that frequently have real estate that the family has to sell.

The hardest part is getting the probate info from your local courthouse.  Find the attorney info, the heir info, and the property address.

Then call the attorney and heirs and ask them if they are going to sell.

If not, put the attorney in your SOI and continue to call them for referrals like you would everyone in your SOI.

If they are selling, send your pre-listing package to both the attorney and heirs and get an appointment to meet them and work your magic.

I have been doing this for over 4 years now and it’s great, because not only can you get listings for almost no money that you would never have, but you can build your SOI with attorneys in your area who can give you referrals.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

So, start working probates in your area right away!

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