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You Have Only One Job In Listing Presentations

Just had a great call with a Collective member about listing presentations.  They just did a 2.5 hour listing presentation and I was like WTF!?

What can anyone possibly say for 2.5 hours that wouldn’t put a seller to sleep?

A lot of the large real estate companies have these elaborate presentations with a lot of miscellaneous BS, that most sellers don’t care about.

I was saying on our last Collective call that I am usually in and out in a listing presentation in under 30 minutes.  And that includes walking through the home.

Here is what I do to cut down the time and increase your likelihood of success and not boring the tears out of sellers.

One, ask them prequalifying questions on the phone before to determine their motivation.

Two, send them a tight pre-listing package to them in advance with your resume, company resume, testimonials and marketing plan.  Want to see mine, hit me up here.

Three, meet them, see the house, review the comparable sales and ask for the listing.


Of course, based on the circumstances, sometimes this has to be adjusted.  But prequalify them, send them info in advance and hit the comps hard when you meet. 

Remember to listen to them, address their concerns and fears about what they are trying to accomplish.

I have always said, do whatever you can to build rapport and bond with them.  Listening is key.  Be empathetic, be concerned, feel their pains and joys.

THE most important takeaway is this; the sellers are going to go with the agent that makes them, the sellers, feel confident and comfortable.  They really don’t care how you’re number one and how great you are.

They only care about and will only remember how you made them feel. 

Make them feel like the most important people on the planet.

This is your only job in the presentation.

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