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You Have The Power To Be A Listing Superpower

Hope you had a great weekend!  I was mentioning to my coaching clients that I have been dealing with some bizarre sellers lately.  One seller that has a listing we brought on the market this past weekend and she told me they don’t want any children, pets or millennials to see the condo.  Hmmmmm……

I love dealing with powerful sellers! 

And just remember that you have the power to make your life and your business anything you want. 

No one said it would ever be easy, but it is simple.

1.  Work on your mindset every day.

2.  Work on your health every day.

3.  Find listing appointments and listings every day.

4.  Sell your listings.

5.  Sell your buyers.

6.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

You have the power to design your listing business to make it simple, to offload all the other crap that doesn’t get you sales and enjoy your time doing what’s important.

If you’re spending lots of time screwing around with buyers, working on files, doing inspections, coordinating escrows, then your business isn’t simple, it’s probably exhausting.

You have the power to change your Unleashed listing business if you want. 

Make your business fun and simple!

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