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You HAVE To Do This Constantly To Get Probate Listings

Heading back to San Francisco today with a big feather in my cap.  Super happy!

I received a probate referral last night.

I have been courting this one probate attorney for quite a while and she finally came through.

I hope you are calling probate attorneys and putting them in your SOI. 

Find them in your area, especially as part of a probate with real estate, contact them, send them info and then do the one thing you have to do with probates to get listings (we discuss how best to do this in the Agent Unleashed Collective).

Contact them consistently.

Just like most things, you can’t just call them once and expect to get a listing.

UNLEASHED agents know that to make any prospecting method effective, you have to be super consistent in contacting them.

I initially called this attorney about 2 years ago and she doesn’t even specialize in probates.  She’s sort of a jill of all trades.

But she was nice to me, answered my calls, told me she occasionally gets probates and would keep me in mind.

As much as I like to think it was my charming personality that wooed her over to the dark side, she told me that she admired my tenacity in calling her every 3 months.

And lo and behold, after all this time, Mama-san called me to list her client’s 2 unit building in SF.

Wanna know a big secret in contacting them?  Shoot me an email and I will tell you.

So, identify them, call them consistently and get your probate listing referrals to happen in spades.

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