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You HAVE To Do This Constantly To Get Listings

Just had a great conversation today with a seller we have in escrow who gave me a great lead to a listing.  Don’t know if it will turn into anything, but we’ll see.

Which reminds me that we need to always be asking for referrals, especially with sellers who we have in escrow.

People in escrow have real estate at the top of their brain.

They are thinking about it nonstop.

These are the cats that we need to constantly remind that we live for referrals.

I once had a seller give me two referrals to listings, one of which was a huge listing.  They knew someone at their work that was considering selling. 

People run into others all the time and trust me, they are not remembering your name when their friends mention selling.

This is why you have to always keep them on their toes about referrals.

So ask them often, especially when they get into escrow, during the escrow and especially when they close.

They want to help you out. 

You just have to remind them.

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