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You Need These Three “C”s To Get Listings

Are you supposed to be a listing agent?  Do you even like real estate?

It is so weird, this week I have been talking to a few agents that aren’t really clear on why they want to be a listing agent.

One of the things that I have always been clear on is my goals.

Do I achieve all my goals?  No.

Do I get frustrated with my goals?  Yes.

Do my goals change?  Yes.

Regardless, I am a very visual person.  And I am very clear in my mind and in my goals what I want to achieve.

I have a very basic mission in life:  “My greatest joy in life is helping others be their best”.

And an old boss of mine at PriceWaterhouseCoopers gave me some great advice.

He said, “There are three Cs that are key to having a successful business:  clarity, confidence and certainty.  

You need clarity on what you’d doing and why you’re doing it.  

That clarity turns into confidence.  After confidence, comes certainty.  

And then you’re unstoppable.  You’ll never get in your own way again.

So, do you want to be an AGENT UNLEASHED?

Do you want to be a bomb-ass listing agent?

Do you want to get things in your life and become unstoppable?

Then get clear on why you want it.

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