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You Need This Feather In Your Listing Arsenal To Get More Listings

Hope you are back into the swing of getting lots of listings now that the holiday weekend is over.  In San Francisco, September means everyone is back to work after taking holiday time off over the summer and it’s a very busy listing season.

And sometimes you have to do one thing that may be against the grain for you in order to get a big or super cool listing.

Bring in the big guns for listing presentations.

Frequently, I am asked to interview for a listing that is outside of my wheelhouse, because it’s a listing type I don’t normally do or in an area I don’t work a lot.

So I bring in someone who can help me.

A big gun.  You know who I am talking about.  Someone who works that area a lot or has a lot of experience in that price point. 

It never hurts to strengthen your presentation with someone else who can be a part of your team.

It means your chance of getting the listing just went up exponentially and closing the deal with someone else on your team is better than not having the commission check to split at all.

I have done this many times over the years and it can make a lot of sense.

So, give it some careful thought if you’re out on a limb with a listing presentation that you’re not 100% comfortable in getting.

Half a check is better than none at all.

And it’s a big feather in your arsenal for next time.

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