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You Need To Be Telling Sellers This NOW!

Just witnessed the eclipse and have to ask….am I the only person in the U.S. that didn’t care that much about it? Oh well, please don’t send me crap’o grams to me about this, just a little rant.

What I do care about is staying in touch with sellers and finding different reasons to call them.

One reason is to make sure they are prepping their houses for sale.

So, if you need a reason to call your seller prospects, talk to them to make sure the are considering the following in preparation of selling:

. Making outdoor repairs that would help in the sale like painting and roofing.

. Decluttering and getting organized.

. Adding or editing their yards to make their marketing photos “pop”.

. Getting an updated CMA of their property.

As an added bonus of talking to them about these things, you can also ask them if they want you to visit them and give your advice on what should be done in preparation for sale. Always good to spend face time with your seller prospects to increase the likelihood they will list with you.

This is a simple thing to bring up and a great reason for you to call all your seller prospects.

This is what Epic listing agents do.

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