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You Will Get More Listings With This One Person In Your Life

Just off the phone with my business coach who is a rock-solid take no prisoners kind of guy.

He gave me some excellent advice about Agents Unleashed, so expect some cool changes coming down the pike (what the hell is a pike anyway?).

This got me thinking that NO ONE does anything alone in the world. 

We all need help to make ourselves better, there is no question about it.

I have a business coach, a spiritual coach, a financial coach, and a health and wellness coach.

I am ALWAYS looking for someone and something that is better than me to help me.

And you should be as well.

Do you want more listings?

Do you want more commission income?

Do you want more time off?

Get a coach.

I don’t care who you use.  I would love to see you join the Agent Unleashed Collective.  For a few bucks a day, it’s affordable, it’s fun and you will learn a shit-ton of ways to accomplish all of the above.

And if you don’t want to join the Collective, find SOMEONE to help you. 

Unless you are 100% happy with your business.

You owe it to yourself.

You owe it to your kids.

You owe it to your wife or husband (unless you have both).

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