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You Won’t Believe The Line I Use In Listing Presentations

Hope you had a great weekend my friend!

I did a Zoom listing presentation on Saturday to a new listing hopeful and you should have seen the  look on their face when I told them one thing.

“This may not work out.”

Many times in listing appointments I have said, at the beginning of the meeting, this one thing that usually blows them away.

“I appreciate you giving me the time to meet with you and at the end of our meeting, I will let you know if I think I can help you.  If not, we can part as friends.  And whether you give me the listing or not, I will give you some solid information that you can use in the sale of your home.  Does that sound good?”

This does a couple of things.  It says to them that you’re not going to slam some cheesy close down their throats.  This makes them more comfortable with you and they can let their guard down.

It also allows them to relax because they know they aren’t meeting with some douchey hard-charging salesperson. And it makes them feel confident and comfortable with you.

You see, most seller prospects won’t remember a damn thing you said during your presentation.  

But they will remember how you made them FEEL.

And isn’t it all about establishing that rapport and making them feel comfortable and confident?

That is when they open up and really let you in on their fears, concerns and dreams.

And that’s when the seller likes you and values you over the competition.

Now you can only do this if you say this with confidence and certainty without desperation in your voice.  You can’t feel like you NEED this listing to make your year.

So try this out.  

Have fun with it.

And see how your seller prospect reacts.

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