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Your 2019 is Going To Be Terrible Unless You Do This

I have a houseguest from Arizona that we are entertaining this weekend who wants me to play more.  She said that now it’s getting to the end of the year, I should take it easy since I have done so well this year.  (I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week).

I said no.

I tried to explain to her that as an entrepreneur, my business is dependent on me prospecting for new listings and filling my listing pipeline.

As you know, if we don’t work in Nov and Dec, that means one thing.

Our January is going to be dead.

And who wants to start out their New Year with no deals, dead in the water?

I sure as hell don’t.

So, what that means for me is staying clean of mind and body with continued exercise, clean food and laying off the vino.

It means I will be prospecting and finding listings right up till the last couple of weeks of Dec.

It means I will encourage sellers to list their homes for sale in Dec to take advantage of the holiday marketing period which is a great time of year to sell.

It means working my plan till the end of Dec so that January is a powerful month for me.

THEN, I will go back to Detroit on the 24th for a week and spend time with my loving family and bitch about being in Detroit’s cold weather.

So make it a strong January by staying focused and strong through the end of your year!

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