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Your Crazy Stories Will Get You Listings

Had a blast doing a radio interview this week talking about what makes an Agent Unleashed  successful.

And had a great time talking to a seller in a listing appointment telling her stories about what is going on in the San Francisco market.  I had her laughing and in awe of what buyers and sellers were doing in this market.  Sure you have great stories as well.

Use these stories to get listings.

I love telling stories.  Especially in listing appointments, stories are a great way to build rapport.

I am sure you know that building rapport with your sellers is Marketing 101.

Stories get them laughing.

Stories get them astonished.

Stories get them incredulous.

And all these emotions can easily make someone like you more, to connect with you more.

And isn’t that what you want?  To connect with your potential sellers?

Recently I told a seller how I sold two condos in her area, on her same street, and that each had over 10 offers and sold for record prices per square feet.  This seller was so astonished, that she got pretty emotional about it and we had a great laugh about it.

Will I get the listing?  I should know soon.  Couldn’t get her to sign on the spot though. 

But I walked away feeling like we really connected, really had a great bond.

And when I buy something, whether it’s a car or clothes or bananas at the market, and the salesperson makes me feel engaged and connected, I am pretty sure I am going to buy that thing.

So whip out your stories in your listing appointments.  Engage them with your stories about the market and the area. 

Don’t just walk in there and talk about how “you’re number one” in your market.  Sellers really don’t give a rats-ass about that.

Engage them.

Connect with them.

Pull them over to your “side” with your stories.

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