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Your “Zero Hour” WILL Determine How Many Listings You Get

What do you do in the first hour of your day?

I figured out early on in life the first hour of my day is what sets the tone for the rest of the day.

THIS is the “ZERO HOUR”!  What you do then is what will make or break your day.

Currently, I’m getting up, meditating for 20 minutes, doing some yoga poses, crunches, pushups and I’m then alternating between swimming and lifting weights.  Then a healthy breakfast, usually a fruit smoothie, then write out my goals and affirmations.  

That’s how I start out each day feeling like El Comandante!  

Am I perfect? No.  But I would say I’m on point most days.

This routine puts me in a state of joy from which I can do anything.

Routine provides structure.  Knowing what you’re going to be doing or wearing takes away all that planning that needs to be done.  You already know what you should be doing.

It instills good habits.  Doing the right thing is easiest when you keep doing it everyday.

Routines are efficient.  Increase your efficiency each day by getting things done in a routine manner.  Without the decisions of what to do, you are more efficient.

Willpower and motivation are not needed as much.  If you are in a habit of working out, journaling, eating the same spinach, blueberry, ginger and coconut water shake and then starting your calls at 8:30 a.m. every morning, you just do it, you don’t have to talk yourself into it.

You get better at things.  While doing the same thing each morning, you get better at them.  Better at journaling, better at swimming, better at calling expireds, etc.

So what is your routine?  Can you at least setup some routine for your mornings?  I am usually on track 80% of the time in the mornings.  My afternoons are another story. 🙂

Make your “Zero Hour” the most productive hour of the day. 

How you spend this hour will cause you to get more listings!

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