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You’re a Listing Failure If You Stop Doing This

Happy Tax Day!  I am getting my 2018 income tax extension ready for the mailbox this morning and was reminded of one of my epic mistakes in income tax reporting.  I had a CPA a long time ago who incorrectly reported my management in some rental properties I had in Louisiana and it cost me over $140,000 to the IRS.  I still get hives thinking about it.

And one of the biggest epic mistakes listing agents make is their fear of not looking good. 

I know this sounds sort of trivial, but at the heart of it, it’s very significant because this causes listing agents to fear making mistakes.

We are talking about this in detail in our “Collective” call this morning. 

Worrying about your how you’re going to look if you do something silly stops you from trying new things. 

I got over this years ago.  That’s why I am so goofy and always looking silly.

In the Top Producer Collective, we are always trying new things.

Some work.  Some don’t.

I once thought spending a lot of money on Facebook ads was a way to get listings.  I was banned from FB, attracted silly non-motivated buyers and sent out some really goofy-ass ads.

It didn’t work for me and many people said I came away from that debacle with egg on my face.

I have so much egg on my face from past failures I could whip up an omelet!

So try new things.  Go out and explore.  Don’t worry about what people are going to say if you door knock, or put out silly ads or give a seller’s seminar.

As the saying goes, “You are only a failure if you stop trying.”

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