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You’re Not That Special

I was having fun recently telling our Collective peeps they are not that special.

LOL, it’s enlightening to me that we all have the same problem and issues and, we all at times, myself included, think we are the only ones struggling with things, like not prospecting enough, not trying new marketing, eating that fast food, mastering our scripts, having a strong consistent morning, etc.

As you know, one of my passions is traveling.  And I had two CMAs to do last Thursday and 3 seller calls to update them on their listings….and what did I do? 

I went down a travel rabbit hole.  I booked Panama for this summer, researching best fares, how to upgrade, which best frequent flyer to use, renewed a passport, and spent time researching something for our home there. Then moved on to researching Cartagena for December.

WTF, 2.5 hours later I had accomplished NONE of my real estate work.  The travel hole was not on my schedule.

So I beat myself up for 5 min and moved on.

Hey, life’s a journey.  We do our best.  We learn from it.  We don’t let our past mistakes make us bitter. 

Let’s say they are character building and then figure out how to do things differently.

So don’t think you’re special when you don’t accomplish what you want and go down your own rabbit holes.

You’re human.

Just figure out how to do better.

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