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You’re Toast If You Don’t Address These Issues To Get More Listings

Today is a big day for the Stafford household.  It’s my birthday today and my partner’s Brazilian Mother and Aunt are leaving to go back home to Brazil tomorrow.

So we’re having a party tonight as a bon voyage to them to celebrate these two exceptional women.  I have invited about 20 clients (who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?).

And on my birthday each year, I always reflect on what went well and what needed improvement.

Lord knows there are many things I need to improve. 

Like launching my new coaching program which is coming soon.

Like being more aggressive with my expired listing calling.

Like being more vigilant about the foods I eat.

Like losing some more weight.

And the one thing I need to concentrate on is helping more sellers achieve their dreams.

So I am seriously considering adding an agent to my team.  So we can leverage into more deals.

Many of you are part of large teams or you partner with other agents. 

To get more listings as part of a team, I am considering some real estate team “issues” (and maybe you should as well):

.  Willingness to let go and delegate to another.

.  Hiring people just because you like them.

.  Systems in place to scale the business.

.  Providing adequate training.

These are just some of the things we should all consider before starting or going into a team.  I am sure there are many more. 

So before you jump into a partnership, really give it some serious thought. 

I know I am.

Have an amazingly brilliant day!

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